Before launching into his formal keynote presentation at the 2015 Morningstar Investment Conference, GMO chief investment strategist Jeremy Grantham ticked off the top 10 issues on his mind today.

GMO chief investment strategist Jeremy Grantham speaking at the 2015 Morningstar Investment Conference.

"In my current role, I'm totally free to obsess about important issues that interest me," he said. And here they are, fleshed out a bit with some quotes from Grantham's commentaries:

The following article by Kelly Phillips Erb on addresses the tax consequences (or lack thereof) of crowdfunded investments.

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Little-known 529 Plans

President Obama's aborted attempt to tax 529 plans may end up being a boon to the state-run college savings plans.

Widespread outrage at the proposal he floated in January - from both Democrats and Republicans - brought it down two weeks later. But all the nationwide media attention the college savings plans received gave them a much-needed boost in publicity.

In case you missed it, here is the article that I was quoted in: Rethinking the Shift-to-Bonds Strategy, by Karen Weise and Carol Hymowitz, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Investing Issue.