Virtual CFP® Exam Prep

Brett is currently offering an online CFP® Exam Prep course in cooperation with the Boston Institute of Finance. Now you can prepare for the exam from anywhere with an internet connection!

Video: Brett discusses his Prep Course


The Online CFP® Exam Prep course follows the same proven method and uses the same materials that has made Brett’s Comprehensive Live Review courses so successful. It is the perfect option for anyone who is unable to attend Brett’s Live Review because of time, distance, or other restrictions.

For nearly two decades, Brett has helped thousands of students pass the CFP® Exam, with his primary goal being that students pass on their first attempt. Now his Online CFP® Exam Prep course gives even more students the opportunity to prepare with one of the industry’s preeminent CFP® educators.

For more information or to register for the Online CFP® Exam Prep course, visit the Boston Institute of Finance website.