This video discusses “sweep accounts” and how advisors need to be cognizant of the rates being earned on excess cash in client portfolios in an increasing interest rate environment.   The “sweep accounts” at most firms usually give a very low interest rate compared to even money market funds or short term CDs.

Recorded this a while ago for my Video Insights subscribers, but thought it wouldn't hurt to make it available to all.




It was an honor to speak with Reese Harper on his podcast.

"You know the pandemic was disruptive—it altered every one of our lives. But when you saw (or read) about kids and their classroom struggles, you probably didn’t put much thought to how financial planning training and education was also being affected.

Just some attachments and thoughts about world events and volatility.

One attachment is from The Hartford and walks through negative media headlines over the past 50 years (PDF) and the second shows headlines and returns from 1970-present.

This video discusses "The Greatest Chart EVER" revealing the yearly INTRAyear volatility as well the annual growth of the S&P 500 each year from 1980-2021 including dividends. We also discuss managing equity return expectations with clients going into 2022. There is a link to download a PDF of the chart below.


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    Alexandra Druskin

    Dear Brett! Thank you for the nice overview of INTRA volatility. I really enjoyed listening to the call.

    Feb 16, 2022

This call deals with 2022 goal setting utilizing the attached document.  

Each year, I review and analyze the previous year; then try to figure out how best to realize my business and personal goals for the new year.  Most years I fail, BUT it is still worth the exercise (sez me)!


This video discuss the potential tax changes for income, estate and FICA (social security/medicare) under the new administration as well as possible legal solutions to deflect part or all of the impact.  The goal was to do this in a non-political way.  While most of these have NOT become law yet, many are likely to be implemented for the 2021 or 2022 tax years and beyond.                                                            

It is longish (38 minutes) but we use fancy-pants slides so hopefully you will not find it boring!   

Health Savings Accounts: How they work and how they can be used by you and your clients

Health Savings Accounts from Brett Danko, LLC on Vimeo.

I did this video on PPP after the first stimulus package. I figured it would be appropriate to go over it again now that the second package has passed.
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What do you do if your child comes home from college because of covid and you get a 529 refund from the school?